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Haase Kart Parts

**Note: There is a $100 minimum limit for all part transactions via credit card. Any orders below this limit will need to be paid by check.**

Most Popular Items

FR08 Front Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit


In Stock

FR08 Rear Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit


In Stock

Haase FR08 Brake Pads

FR08 Rear Brake Pad Kit


In Stock

FR08 Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit


In Stock

haase brake shim

FR08 Brake Shims


In Stock

Haase Brake Master Cylinder

FR08 Front Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit


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FR14/11 Front Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit


In Stock

FR14 Rear Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit


In Stock

FR14 Haase Brake Pads

FR14 Rear Brake Pads


In Stock

Haase Brake Rebuild Kit

FR14 Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit


In Stock

FR14 Master Cylinder


Call for availability

Haase Steering Shaft Kit

(Shaft, Bushing, Bolt, Nut)




Chassis Groups                        

Steering Group KF-TAG

Radiator Group

Gear Lever Group KZ

Fuel Tank

Haase Chassis Components 1

Haase Chassis Components 2

Nuts and Bolts



Axle Groups     

Stub Axle Group

Rear Axle Group

Haase Kart Parts Reference List

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